Are you listening to your Heart?

Our hearts hold the key to so much wisdom, but are we listening?  Are we creating the time to honour what our hearts have to say, healing our old wounds and stories of heartache, forgiving ourselves and others, and respecting ourselves with self-love and care?  Do we truly love and embrace ourselves, in all our darkness and light?  Are we heart-centred or mind-centred or do we lead our lives from the dance between the heart and mind, or is it a battle?

I find that when I ignore checking into my heart, it causes a heartache and a sadness and disconnect in me that I can’t ignore.  The heart is the energetic bridge between the worlds of Earth and Source, the Physical and Spirit, the divine Masculine and the divine Feminine.  If we are not plugged into our hearts, we truly are not plugged into ourselves, but all Life around us that supports us.  When we listen to our hearts, we have the courage to feel what is held there, to parent ourselves through our doubts and fears with encouragement and self-compassion, as well as follow our soul’s longing and calling.  When we allow our hearts to open, we are capable of trusting that life loves and supports us in all our dreams, visions, and plans, and miracles and supportive surprises abound!

When we hold our Hearts, Life holds us.
When we root into our Hearts, we are fully nourished.

Yesterday, my mind really decided to do a number on me, making me believe that my heart-centred leap of faith (going to Bali to assist my teacher Leyolah Antara teach a whole new batch of international Kundalini Dance facilitators) was not possible and that life would not support me to get there, despite the deep honour and ecstatic YES in my response to being asked.  I felt punished by my own self-sabotage, seeing it all clearly, feeling it all fully, and really coming to an awareness that this pattern is not serving me at all and is holding me back from my potential.  As I listened to the grieving “little girl” speaking in my heart, she is scared that she will not be loved and accepted if she continues to commit to the path of awakening, claiming her unapologetic radiance, and fulfilling her destiny and life’s purpose.  I listened to her fears and held her, this wounded piece of me that has led to sabotaging me in many ways (the ways the mind loves to!), believing she would keep me loved in the process (good intentions, wrong results).  When I listened, I realized that her fear is what keeps me sabotaging myself when opportunities arise.  Her voice is what has kept me small, and although I listened and felt all the the ways she did this, holding her helped me to heal her, healing me.  She was a shadow and wound that needed my attention, my love, as she has been a big part of me that needed acknowledgement.  I loved her up and something shifted.

The truth is, I am who I am, and that is that!  The truth is, I am not allowing myself to hide, shrink, or sabotage myself anymore, because what I bring to Life is important, whether it is the healing work I do, the sacred space I hold for others, the magical life-changing experience of Kundalini dance, or how I show up in community through events or gatherings.  It may be a wild leap of faith and trust at times, following my heart, but that is what is true for me.  It is not always logical or makes sense- it is my soul’s calling to fully embrace my Path, without getting in my own way!  The truth is, I love myself (even through the times of fear, self-doubt, and low energy).

It is nice to feel loved and accepted, however, I know that as a paradigm-shifter, a Creatrix, a messenger for change, a transformational healer, that is not always possible.  By rising up, I will trigger people’s insecurities, I will challenge the status quo ideas that people hold dear, I will be an uncomfortable mirror.  It is part of the role I came here to play, and I know it is an important one, albeit a challenging one at times that requires strength.  When I rise up in self-love and acceptance, when I claim my talents and gifts fully, and when I choose to shine bright, I am Love lighting the way for people to the same through inspiration- and that is how I change the world- it all starts by listening to my heart and loving myself fully.

This is how we can all be the change we wish to see in the world, and it all starts with the question:

Are you listening to your Heart?

From my heart to yours,

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer


Spring Cleaning ~ The Art of Letting Go

bdc4aff5-5bca-4ed4-a437-30f5fd483107As we emerge into the first days of Spring, it is energetically an interesting time, as we return to longer days and the promise of seeds to be sown in the upcoming months, and awaken from our hibernation of winter reflections and dreamtime.  To support us into coming back into the fullness of life energized by the sun’s return, it is time to face the mud and muck as we cycle from freeze to thaw and to clear out the dusty corners- the neglected areas we have avoided and have one last effort to “clean up our lives” and let go of what is no longer serving us.  This process makes room for us to plant new dreams in fertile soil, and is an important cycle of both the seasons and our lives, yet we often meet this season with some resistance with the rollercoaster it sometimes brings as we need to deal and feel our “old stuff,” forgive ourselves and others, realign our relationships, and free up some energy for new growth.

Resistance to What Is only seems to make everything worse.  We may say to ourselves, “I thought I was done with this pattern/heartache/wound” and we often beat ourselves up for not conquering it completely.  We try to be socially “appropriate” when emotions flood in, and think we can choose a convenient time to feel what we need to feel, wiping away our tears and stifling our anger.  We cope by avoiding, and we all have our own versions of behaviours, addictions and bad habits that are our best distractions.  We put it on the convenient shelf to be dealt with later, but is it ever good timing to look at what is holding us back, feel what we avoid, and deal with our wounded stories?

The Art of Letting Go is practiced when we embrace what comes up, face ourselves with honesty, feel what is true in the moment, forgive and release old pains.  Our heart begins to lighten up by facing our shadows, letting go of old burdens, and practice forgiveness.  We face our lives with new energy, momentum, focus and freedom, and for that, we are all Alchemists who have the ability to turn the lead of our lives into gold.  We learn that our pain is our greatest teacher and our wounds can be our greatest medicine to move forward in our lives and rise up and be who we were meant to be!

Spring is the season of transformation and I am here for you to witness you, to hold space for you, to gently guide you through whatever comes up, knowing that “this too shall pass.”

I wish you ease and grace in discovering the art of letting go in this season of spring cleaning.  

The Phoenix in me, sees the Phoenix in you!

With deepest faith in you,

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer

P.S.  You got this.

Light it up! Enlighten up!

heart candle“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” 
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Today I celebrate the returning of the sunlight, as daylight begins to return, easing the darkness of long winter nights!  I have been spending much time lighting candles or in front of my fireplace hibernating in reflection this January, connecting with family and friends, reading inspiring stories and dreaming.

To me, February 1st feels more appropriate as a time of resolution and recommitment, as I simply want to rest in the weeks of January.  Today I am committing to a cleanse of my mind, body, and spirit; a detox on all levels, and I can feel that with the energies of Imbolc (Feb.1/2) and Chinese New Year (Feb. 8), I am supported in choosing a healthy discipline that is rooted in self-Love!

The questions I ask myself are:
“What do I do to nurture my inner Light?”
“What do I need to let go of to enlighten up my Life?”
“What daily acts of self-Love can I commit to?”
“How can I share my Light with others?”

I love the clarity that comes to me when asking these questions, as it shapes how I choose to spend my time and energy, my most precious resources.  It makes it easier for me to call in discernment and discipline, to say “No” to the things that are not for me, and to commit to what keeps my inner flame burning bright.

What I do know is that meditation, my spiritual daily practice, dance, yoga, nature walks, exercise, eating clean whole foods, being playful and creative all keep me feeling amazing!  (These things keep me moving and are a recipe to cure depression during the lull between winter and spring.)  I am so happy to be sharing so many of my passions with you, launching 3 sweet self-Love circles this February, and if it is a “Yes!” in your heart, I welcome you to join me and be nurtured by your tribe- a community of likeminded people dedicated to being the best they can be!

I have so much LOVE and so much gratitude for you being in my Life!!!!  


Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer

P.S. I would deeply appreciate if you could forward this newsletter to anyone who may benefit from receiving the information and the opportunity to transform their lives from the inside out!

(en)Lighten Up Adventure! ~ 7 months of exploration in community through the map of the chakras through expressive arts, movement, meditation, ceremony, dyads, self-reflection, and remembrance.     Guided by Marcus Fung and Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer              Every Wednesday night 7-9 p.m. ~ Roots to Flight at Roots on Whyte!  Roots on Whyte, 3rd floor Conference Room 8135 102 Street                This is a choose your own adventure ~ Chakra/Month passes are available for $70; 10 session punch card $170; or drop in for $20 cash.

Sacred Heart Sanctuary ~ Women’s Self Love Retreat
Feb. 13th ~ 9:45-5:45 p.m. @ Roots on Whyte, 3rd floor Conference Room 8135 102 Street ~ $111
Enjoy a day of indulgent self-care goddess time, women’s circle wisdom, heart-opening cacao ceremony, meditative self-reflection and ecstatic dance as we enjoy a retreat in the heart of Edmonton!  Guided by: Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer & Tsaida Springfield

Howling Hearts Women’s Circle Journey
Circle one Saturday night a month for 7 months, starting Feb. 20th!
$777 ~ Payment plans are possible
In a countryside yurt, east of Sherwood Park
We invite you to journey to remember the Wild Woman within your heart and soul!  Inspired by the book, Women Who Run With The Wolves,  your wild women guides, Lisa Friedt (Rebel Hearted Women) and Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer (Rainbow Phoenix Alchemy) will take you on a soulful discovery of the divine feminine within.  This is a closed circle of 16 adventurous women!

Kundalini Dance ~ Spring Transformation:
“Experience the movement that is changing lives!”

8 week series begins on Feb. 27th (Saturdays ~1-4 p.m.)
Sugarswing Ballroom ~ 8116 105th Street, Edmonton
*** This is my dream venue- 50 foot ceilings, sprung hardwood floors, room for 50+ dancers!  It is going to be incredible!

Kundalini dance is a sacred dance journey that honours dance as medicine for the mind, body, emotions and Spirit!  Through spontaneous expressive movement, breath work, toning, singing and energy healing, Kundalini dance inspires people to embrace their authentic self, remember Oneness, and transform with the support of your Tribe!  This class is for everyone- women and men, 16+ years old is recommended- no dance experience required.

*** So many people from out of town have wanted to take this class, but have been inconvenienced by the weeknight timing- so I invite you to make a day trip to Edmonton, enjoy the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market before class, and spend the day in Edmonton!
*** Please let everyone you know about this- I see my class double in size this year, and I will need your help getting the word out!!!

Be part of the ReLOVEution:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

This is a wonderful New Moon practice for Feb. 8, 2016 as well!

We are all in this Together!

We are all in this journey together: friends, family, strangers. When I fly about this Earth in my cosmic dreams and look below at the vast luminescent of the ball of blue and green floating in the cosmos, I know that we are all One. There is no way we are not in this together. No matter the path, or where we meet each other on that path, we are all making our way back home- to our hearts, to our deepest knowing, to the divinity within that lights up the lives of the people around us. No matter how we have forgotten who we are, the meaning of life, our personal power, our grand responsibility to all Life, we are still on the path to Oneness. I have known this since helping to serve the homeless community in Grande Prairie and seeing God in everyone I met; they shared wisdom with me, showed me my gifts, taught me about natural law, revealed the power of tithing and gratitude, shared their stories with me that forever changed how I viewed the human experience. They were not street bums to me, but some of my greatest teachers. I sat at their feet and was so thankful I had met them all, humbly creating and serving food twice a week at the Friendship Centre for just over a year. I loved them, and they loved me back, calling me Red Angel for my fiery locks and my big heart.
Last night, I was called an Angel by a man bawling his heart out on the phone, thanking me for helping him turn his unfortunate situation around and give him hope. In his gush of gratitude, I truly did not think I did anything remarkable but show up for another human being like he was my brother. I did what I did without much thought, but the instinct of helping someone because I could. There is no super hero element to what I did, just doing what it right, what was possible. We all have this ability. It is not extraordinary- it is about embracing being human and helping people who need help.
It all started with my Aunt Laureen who messaged me to say that she had an extra Christmas tree with lights that she needed to clear out of her storage. It was my grandparents old tree that she had kept all these years since their death. She reached out and asked me if I knew someone I could give it to, and although I didn’t at the time, I decided to pick it up and take it off her hands. I took some of the lights to Value Village, and kept the tree. I was going to put it up outside in our yard, and then did a double take- there was sure to be a family that could not afford the luxury of a Christmas tree and I would somehow find it a worthy home to light up. I put a poster up at the local post office on 66th street and 118th Ave. since it is not exactly the richest of neighbourhoods in Edmonton. I got no response. So on December 21st, I submitted an ad to Edmonton’s Freecycle, offering the tree to a low income family with small children that this could surprise and bring magic to their home at Christmas. The moderator of the site returned a message that I read at 1:30 a.m. the next morning saying that they could not post the ad because I specified an audience for the item and that broke the rules. Furious at the lameness of this response, I immediately posted an ad on Kijiji with the title “FREE artificial Christmas tree with ornaments and lights!” and made the same specification. I woke up the next morning to half a dozen heart-wrenching replies from dads that could not provide for their families this Christmas and were so broken and desperate to make things look better than they were.
Some of the responses were:
“Hello, I’m sorry for the late email, but my girlfriend just left to work and will be back Christmas morning. We have a one year old son and we just moved the city, this will be our first Christmas as a family. Unfortunately with the move as were unable to afford a tree and it is important to me to give our son his first Christmas with the whole bang. My girlfriend is under the impression that we will be without a tree this year, but I’m hoping I can surprise her. I can pick it up immediately, thank you and Merry Christmas!”
“Dear Olivia, We are a new immigrant family to Canada. I have 3 kids (all under the age of 9 yrs). I would like to get the tree from your office, if we can carry the same via. ETS. Felt like this was a gift from God for my kids as I couldn’t afford to buy them any gift for this Christmas. Hope things would change in the new year with God’s grace. NB: However, we got many toys from the Christmas Bureau last day. And if there is someone more deserving do feel free to prioritise them.Wishing you a Merry Xmas and let GOD shower HIS wonderful blessings upon your family for your kind act.”
“I need that tree pls!! I got a lil one who missin out on Xmas ATM due to not havin a tree.”
And so on.
How was I to choose who the “most worthy” recipient of my Christmas tree was? As far as I was concerned, everyone deserved that tree. So I put a call out on Facebook, and people immediately responded that either they had an extra tree or would be willing to buy one for the family and deliver it by the evening. Some of these people I had not seen or talked to in 10 years, but it did not matter… there was a need and they wanted to be generous and step up to the call, because they were in a position to give. I designated each family to a different person, and my friend Jackie decided to take on two families, because she wanted to. By the evening of December 23rd, 6 trees had been delivered and the stories of gratitude from both the families and the people who had an opportunity to give! Tears streamed down my face as my friend Jackie told me about how excited the immigrant family were, all the children jumping for joy exclaiming, “Our tree has come! We have a Christmas tree this year!” and how the parents laughed and cried with her as they set up the tree with her, together, placing an angel on the top. The other family she drove out to help were in Devon, and she reported that “They had absolutely nothing.” No food in the fridge, no possibility of presents, no friends or community connection, no hope. She went and bought them a $100 gift card at a grocery store and a present for their 4 year old daughter because that was the least she could do. She asked if there was anything more we could do.
By Christmas Eve, I had two more requests for trees and two more generous offers at donating a tree that I coordinated, and began finding stuff at my parents I could regift and wrap up for the family in Devon, as well as got my mom to create a food hamper. My friends Chris and John offered a turkey to a family in need, and I shared that there was a family that needed food. I contacted the dad and told him to meet me, Chris and John at the local IGA in Devon. I called the manager in advance to see what he could do to help, a few churches who said they would deliver presents later that night, and met the gentleman in IGA. He told me that his 4 year old squealed with delight that morning when they woke up to see a Christmas tree in the living room, sparkling, and I told him that there was no way his family were not having Christmas dinner too. As we walked around IGA, loading up two carts with the foods his family loved, and all the trimmings for Neufie stew and Christmas dinner, random customers and IGA staff caught on, and began handing the guy money- “Here’s $50! Go buy a turkey!” “Here’s $20- I would love to help your family too!” “Here’s $10 sir! Buy some mandarin oranges for your kids from my family!” It was amazing! The manager knew all about this because I called him in advance and I think he quietly gave the guy a gift card. Another man approached and asked is there anything you need help with- anything… just put it out there.” And so the dad said help paying his car insurance and the man said that his father is in the insurance business and he would see what he could do. It was a huge lesson in “Ask, and you shall receive!”

A tree on my parent’s acreage, Christmas morning 2015
It was not even Christmas Day yet, and I felt completely full, bursting with gratitude and awe of the humanity demonstrated by a handful of my friends to strangers. It reminded me of the beauty of all the thousands of Free Hugs I have given alongside a loving group of yellow-shirted loving volunteers who believe that Love is the superpower that saves the world. It is all about Love in Action. Somehow, this touched me even to a deeper part of my core. I smiled thinking of how all the families woke up on Christmas day with their children in front of their very own Christmas tree- a beacon of hope for better days to come.
I cried when I smelled the aroma of mom’s Christmas turkey wafting down the hall, knowing that a family in Devon had the same delicious smells fill their home when only a day ago they did not have anything to eat. I was so grateful for my family, for our beautiful acreage home, for the love in our home, and the thoughtfulness and generosity of everyone in my family. I am so fortunate!
My stint as a social worker proved useful. I was able to see what else was needed by each family and hook them up with social services, resources, ideas of where to look for what they needed- places like Freecycle, Kijiji, FIND, Food Bank, Catholic Social Services, Bissell Centre, The 211 Guide, to name a few. I made a few calls and helped people find solutions. Two people sent me resumes as he can’t find a job and are highly skilled and I said I would help them network with people that know people. The gentleman from Devon reached out once again, as he was moving Jan. 1st and could not find 2-bedroom accommodations and was beginning to worry that his family would soon be homeless. I took 10 minutes and sent him 5 links to places in Calmar and Leduc, and last night he secured a wonderful place from one of the links I sent him near his work in Leduc with a landlord that is also from Newfoundland!
It was this same man, crying his thanks to me on the phone last night. He asked the question, how do you thank someone who finds a family a Christmas tree, buys them Christmas dinner, helps him to find a home to move into? I told him, “Just pay it forward!” He asked me why I was so generous to a stranger, and I told him that if he were my brother, I would help him. It was that simple.
I shared to him the time that I had all my money stolen in Mexico and had an unfortunate and painful shoulder injury, and three Mexican sisters who I had met in my travels, sheltered and fed me, healed and shared time with me in Cancun until I figured out how I would get back to Canada, expecting nothing in return. I shared the time in England when my marriage fell apart and I needed to head home, alone and defeated, that a colleague of mine handed me $2000 US in cash and said that I should take it and never repay her, as she knew I was leaving England with nothing but a suitcase and a broken heart from the life I had created there. In times of need in my life, people showed up for me and told me the same thing:
“Pay it forward!”
So this Christmas, I paid it forward. It was easy.
I know that this has created a ripple. People want to do this next year as their Christmas tradition. The families all will pay it forward when they are in a giving position again. My friends at Lakech Ecolodge want to host a day at their farm for all the families to go on a road trip and play in the snow. My partner’s boss handed him $800 yesterday for me to buy each family a $100 gift card to help with groceries, which I will deliver with my friend Jackie today in person. For all in the receiving position this year, hope and faith was restored and it has given a breath of fresh air to the possibility that things this New Year are going to change and get better and better. And I know they will.
We need to take care of one another. We are all brothers and sisters sharing the ups and downs of the human experience, and we are here to give when we can, and receive when we need to. The ebb and flow of abundance is the way of nature, and we are all here to lift one another, inspire one another, and help one another when we can. We all are here to make a difference.
I received this email yesterday:
“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” – John Bunyan
“You and your team of amazingly generous friends can be proud that you guys have learned to live life in the light of it. Even at this young age, you guys are leaving an imprint on this world. Once again highly appreciate the initiatives and wishing you all a successful year ahead. Best regards ~ Lino & family”
Thank you for being the change you wish to see in the world!
I know so many people who have generous hearts. I am proud to know you and watch you create your own ripples. Like me, it is no big deal, it is just doing what is right, what is possible. Just imagine if everyone did this in their own way, whenever they could! When we shine, the world lights up and shines even brighter!!!
I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to:
Jackie Pearce, Darina Pavlova Falsnes, Kirsty Ball Gerald Matheson, Chris and John from Lakech EcoLodge, Cheryle Kachman and Ron Kachman, the assistant manager at Save On Foods (Stadium), the manager at Devon IGA, Troy from Elite Contracting, the kindness of Devon’s church community for helping me make a difference.
May your New Year be a reflection of this generosity, kindness, inspiration and action!
Blessings and Love to all,
Olivia Joy Love ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer ~ Red Angel

Christmas Day, 2015, totally satisfied by the Spirit of Giving!

Navigating Our Shadows & Dark Nights

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”

― Og Mandino

We are at the midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, a time where the nights lengthen, and we naturally experience a cycle of inner reflection in the northern hemisphere. The energies forecasted for November 2015 based on astrological events point to the fact that this November is going to be a month where there may be a great deal of pressure experienced as we need to let go of everything that is not serving us in order to lighten up for our journeys ahead: This means if you have not done “your work” by facing your shadows (unacknowledged parts of our consciousness), limitations, addictions, negative thoughts and cycling patterns, they may make an appearance in order for you to move through them, once and for all. This can be a very uncomfortable, anxiety-inspiring, painful experience that is necessary in order to evolve. I often am reminded by the process of transformation by the story of the journey of Inanna into the Underworld at this time of year, and all the adversity and stripping down of the ego self it entails:

I know this place well. I sat in my darkness all summer. I had no choice, as it all came up at once for acknowledgment. Everything I had placed on the convenient shelf to be processed later when I was “less busy” exploded in front of me in a mess of tangled Inner Journeyunaddressed threads knotted together as my Life. It was relentless and there really was no relief from having to see it all, feel it all, and experience what I needed to experience. I suffered for a really long time as I just did not know how to let go, to truly surrender. It was
like someone turned out the lights and I was in solitary confinement with my chaotic mind and ego, and there was no escape, and if I thought I knew what surrender was, I did not know a single thing about it from this place! Eckhart Tolle shares his experience and explanation of the Dark Night of the Soul and I really experienced all he shared. The beauty of emerging on the other side of it is that you embrace yourself like never before. My friend sent me this piece of writing by Danielle LaPorte called Near-Blinding Radiance, and it helped get me through the experience: I read it often and prayed. In fact, it was the small acts of kindness, the experience of being witnessed and held in unconditional love by the people I reached out to that made the biggest difference. I have no words for my gratitude for all the people that held me during this time.

I want to share with you 10 shamanic healing ceremonies that have completely changed my life, especially in the way I relate to myself. They have helped me navigate my shadows and bring it all to the light of radical self-acceptance. One of my superpowers is to hold space for people in their transformational experiences, so if there is any way that I can help guide you through whatever it is that you need to reconcile and remember in yourself, please know that I am here for you as a compassionate guide and sacred witness. It would be my joy to hold you through your times of darkness and transition, just as others did for me.

Medicine Wheel small sizeHere are the 10 most transformational ceremonies I can offer that will help you on your journey:

1. The Gathering- This is a 1.5 hour ceremony designed to thoroughly address any event that left you “scattered” through time-space and helps you to remember who you are on an essence level.
2. Power Retrieval Ceremony- You consciously call back a reintegration of all the power that you gave away to others or to wounded experiences in your life.
3. Butterfly Ceremony- The quantum healing medicine of the butterfly serves to heal all timelines from their root source of a wounded aspect of your consciousness.
4. Inner Sorcerer Journey- You will heal the aspect of yourself that sabotages your greatness and fullest potential at all times.
5. Forgiveness Ceremony- This is an essential ceremony to come to a complete forgiveness so you can move forward in your life, and it involves a fire ceremony.
6. Inner Body Journey- this is a warrior journey of feeling the layers of repressed emotion all the way through until there is only Love.
7. Soul’s Reflection Journey- a journey into the subconscious mind to witness how you truly see yourself (self-image)and relate to yourself (self-love) and healing this.
8. Mother’s Milk Ceremony- for anyone addressing their addictions and negative cycles, they can find renewal by experiencing the purest energy of what it is they are attempting to substitute for.
9. Past Life Journey- Our patterns are often sourced in a past life, so in this ceremony you will become aware of the root cause of the pattern and have an opportunity to heal yourself so none of the karma is brought forward to your life now. *usually some previous work in the Lower, Middle and Upper World is required first, as this is an advanced ceremony.
10. The Dreaming Ceremony- This is an Upper World journey where you can see the divine, destiny line for your life, revise this in any way you dream for your life, and accept what it is you came here to do. *usually some previous work in the Lower, Middle and Upper World is required first, as this is an advanced ceremony.

Although the inner journey into the darkness is essentially yours to experience for yourself, never forget to reach out for support, as you do not have to navigate this entirely alone! Facing our darkness is a common thread to our human experience, so it is something we all will be called to at some point. Pain and darkness will be experienced, yet suffering is optional. I learned this one the hard way.

I truly wanted to share these resources with you, as I want you to know that I love you, I believe in you, and I know that we are all here to help uplift one another to greater heights. I want you to know that you are not alone.

May the medicine of the Owl help you to navigate through the darkness, the dissolution of the ego, and all that needs to die into the light of your awareness for its transformation!

I see you finding the starlight in your experience.

With love and blessings on your journey (and so much compassion!),

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer IMG_0237

P.S. If you find yourself in absolute crisis and feel you have no one to turn to, you can always call the Edmonton Distress Line at 780-482-4357 (HELP), or your own local distress line number.
A complete listing of all support services resources in Edmonton is found at:

If you have taken a full Kundalini dance series with myself or another instructor, I welcome you to drop into any class this series for a $25 cash at the door. Please text me before class so I know you are coming! (780) 932-1109!
Nov. 5- Sacral Chakra (Orange)
Nov. 12- Solar Plexus (Yellow)
Nov. 19- Heart (Green)
Nov. 26-Throat Chakra (Blue)
Dec. 1/3- Third Eye (Indigo)
Dec. 10- Crown Chakra (Violet/Purple)

50% Discount on Shamanic Healing Sessions for all past Kundalini Dancers for as many sessions as you like if you book before December 11th, 2015! Only $44 for a one hour session! To book a session: or (780) 488-9779. Gift certificates are also available! I can do long-distance sessions for anyone who cannot attend one in person as well.

Price list after December 11th:
1 hour $88
Couples Session $122
1.5 hours $133 (recommended for The Gathering)
3 session package $222
5 session package $333
10 session package $666

Healing Connections is having their Open House on Sunday, November 15th from 12-5 p.m. at 10548 115th Street, Edmonton, and there will be demonstrations, prizes, free workshops and an opportunity to tour the facility and meet all of the bodywork and spiritual healers on staff. I hope to see you there!

If you would like to learn more about the 8th Fire and experience a healing session, you can find me at the  Mind, Body, Spirit Expo at the St. Albert Enjoy Centre on Nov. 7th & 8th: My teacher, Algonquin medicine man Pete Bernard, is also doing a healing circle at Healing Connections on Thursday, Dec. 3rd at 7:00 p.m. For more information on his program Earning the Light, the 2.5 year program I have taken, starts again March 2016 in Edmonton and all the details are at

1. Shadow Work with Nathalie Jackson– Shadows are the unacknowledged parts of ourselves that we tend to reject and deny in ourselves. In order to integrate and claim our wholeness, we have to face all that we have avoided in ourselves. If you are ready to breakthrough
Sunday November 8th 9-5 p.m.

2. Electric Brunch with Galloway Hiatt & Friends– If you would enjoy leaping out of bed and enjoying an ecstatic dance session for brunch, join Galloway EVERY SATURDAY 10:00-11:30 p.m.and dance yourself free.

3. Kirtan Songha with Sparrow Grace– Sanskrit is the language of light and sound and holds an evolutionary technology that helps people attune to higher consciousness through the practice of mantra. Kirtan is like receiving a soul bath. If you have never been in the presence of Sparrow, you are in for a Shakti treat! Next event is November 28th at 7:30 p.m. I am going to offer complimentary deeksha/Oneness blessings at each kirtan I attend as my sea and service to our community.

4. Edmonton Gem and Mineral Show– Always a great place for you hard rock lovers! Nov. 5-8th, 2015

In * Body * Meant

Embodiment = In * Body * Meant

Heart lightI have never felt so deeply embodied, than I do right now. It is a feeling of being grounded, peaceful, expansive, loving and present. It is a warm expansive glow from the inside
out that simply radiates outwards with its luminosity touching everything within its reach. It is being absolutely anchored in my body, every cell tingling with a unified sense of wellness and harmony with a profound connection to the Earth. It is a sense of wonderment of the Life I am creating for myself, as I let go of all limitations, and consciously choose the thoughts that assist me in creating what I came here to create. It is the sense of empty-fullness, of being a vessel for the Divine to express himself/herself.

Last night in my launch of my Kundalini Dance series, something magical happened. I shared in ways I have never shared before, and from a place of embodiment, I took a group of nearly all beginners to Kundalini Dance to that sweet space of ecstatic Union! This has never happened before in any other intro class I have shared- there has always been a lingering sense of resistance, doubt, judgment, and caution in a portion of the dancers and this has been challenging for me as a facilitator. Last night, upon reflecting on the whole experience, I came to the understanding that I have given myself permission to BE WHO I AM like never before and in that EMBODIMENT- the permission to be in this Body, fully claim my Self and my Life, and deeply root into the Earth- I have the power to guide people back to that sacred home in their hearts, to feel connected like never before, to lighten up through play and dance, and to claim their birthright of FREEDOM!

I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my journey in this moment. It has taught me to grow and evolve, to consciously choose, and to liberate myself. As I do so, I can only encourage others to do the same. What a gift!

With inspiration & gratitude,

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer

How Shamanic Energy Healing Can Change Your Life & All Life

We have all experienced the surprise twists, rollercoaster rides, low points and challenges in our human experience that have shaped us, for better or worse, and we often carry energetic baggage, limiting beliefs, and wounded perspectives forward into our lives:

barbed-wire-freedom2Life does not love and support me” “I am unloveable” “I will never be good enough” “I am not worthy of…” (You know the stories you tell yourself that do not serve you!)

Our subconscious minds are reprogrammed in those universal moments of pain and we often create mechanisms for protecting ourselves from ever experiencing these wounds again, even if it compromises our ability to love ourselves, to love others, to take risks, and experience life to its’ very fullest potential. We just do not want to face our pain and shadows, feel our emotions fully, or experience being hurt again. Instead of having the courage to face our pain and wounds, we often ignore them by not listening to what they are here to teach us, and they persist in our cellular
memory, growing into energy blockages, and overtime creating dis-ease and negative cycles based on the limiting beliefs that manifested from our original wound.suffering
We often discover that we need to start listening, to face our pain, to become more self-aware, and to begin our healing journey.

The ancient lineages of shamanism from around the world share a spiritual philosophy as well as techniques that can offer healing that transforms people’s lives. Although each tradition has its own unique approach, the foundations of shamanism are essentially the same:

All Wounds Have Roots

treerootsIt is the role of a medicine person to effectively track your issue back to its original root cause in time-space and initiate healing from that origin. For instance, you may believe that your issue is purely physical and in your body, yet upon tracking, it may have a root in an emotional event early in your childhood, or perhaps another lifetime, that requires addressing. In our western medical system, we are often taught to address surface issues with a pill that may dampen the symptoms rather than heal the issue at its very root cause. Shamanic healing aims to heal the root cause, and when this is achieved, the results are transformational.

Time-Space Is Circular

Most people have adopted the consciousness that the world is round, but that was not always the case. Shamanic practitioners have always viewed time-space as non-linear, multi-dimensional, circular, and all happening NOW. For all you Dr. Who fans out there, the Doctor explains that People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to We all change quoteeffect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff!” This means that when we choose to heal right now, we are actually healing all versions of our multi-dimensional self in time-space; our past lives, our future lives, and everything in between. It is challenging to truly understand the ripples that occur when we choose to heal.

Healing Is For All My Relations & Mother Earth

Intertwined with the concept of time-space, is the idea that we heal “for all our relations.” In most aboriginal traditions, this involves seven generations in the past and into the future, but why stop there? Imagine that your healing not only heals your blood relatives in your lineage, but our Earth family and your spiritual family as well, for all time! we-are-all-connected-debi-hammondConsidering all the Oneness teachings from every tradition, we are all interconnected, so when one person heals, they influence the web of Life. We are seeing a great deal of war and conflict in our world these days, but what are you doing to create inner peace and alignment in yourself? Taking this concept further, if you can see that the human body is a microcosm of this Earth, whatever you can do to heal your body from dis-ease, energy blocks, toxins, neglect and abuse, you are directly healing Mother Earth in the process. Any stagnant energies that you free up in a healing session are transmuted and composted back into love and light. Shamanic energy healing is a way to be the change you wish to see in the world!

You Are Empowered To Heal Your Life

Shamanic healers are here to guide and support you on your healing journey, however it is YOU who is empowered to do “the work” in order to create lasting change in your life. The energy medicine and plant medicine will support you in your healing intent and will meet you where you are at in your consciousness. There is an infinite potential for energetically healing the past, present and future when people are ready and receptive to experience alchemy of change. Freedom Birds from CageWhatever you believe is possible for you on your healing journey, is possible! Alternately, if you doubt your own healing is possible, do not believe in miracles, surround yourself with negative people with toxic thoughts, and are not committed to doing what it takes to embrace change and approach your life from a new perspective, you are equally able to sabotage your own ability to live life beyond your wounds. Healing is a choice and it is up to you.

You Are Supported By Spirit

Whatever you see your Creator to be, is supporting your evolution every step of the way, as he/she deeply desires that you align with your divine potential you were gifted this lifetime to share! Your Higher Self, your Spirit guides, your ancestors, your angels, your star being family are all here for you, and all you need to do is ask for their presence and guidance in your life. They require your invitation, as they are instructed to not interfere with our free will choice by natural law. We need to cultivate the faith that we are heard and supported every time we pray, and that we are never alone on our journeys, even if our eyes may not see the love that surrounds us at all times. In every shamanic energy healing session, you are surrounded by your dream team of support from the Upper World working with and guiding the healer before you in sacred space.Man With Raised arms in sunset

Are You Ready To Rise Above?

If you find yourself cycling in repetitive life patterns (bad habits, addictions, attracting the same types of people and situations), have felt difficulty letting go in all life’s transitions (career/job, union/separation, death, new identity), have let fear rather than love rule your life, or experience low energy, dis-ease, or a sense of feeling “stuck”- perhaps it is time to track the absolute root cause of your issue and heal it with shamanic energy healing and enjoy living life from the freedom of a healed perspective.

What I know is that your future Self is grateful that you chose to love yourself enough to heal NOW and begin living the life of your dreams (and all your Relations and Mother Earth thank you too!)

Blessings on your Journey!

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer

Olivia is a passionate woman rising to fulfill her evolutionary potential by following her heart’s calling to fully embrace the shamanic healer, ecstatic temple dancer, priestess and messenger archetypes within her soul. Upon receiving her medicine name, Fire Phoenix Dancer, she has been on her own healing journey, which has awakened her ability to hold sacred space for people to navigate their own healing and transformation processes. She is under the guidance of Algonquin medicine man, Pete Bernard of The 8th Fire ( and his teachings and healing ways have transformed her life completely. It is her joy and purpose to compassionately guide and empower you to courageously let go of what is not serving you and consciously create the life you want to live.

She is honoured to be joining the Healing Connections family of practitioners and is here to serve you in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and beyond.

For a shamanic energy healing session with Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer, please call Healing Connections at (780) 488-9779 or book online at:

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